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Closeness and Cynicism

We’re driving into our tiny home-town. As always, it looks exactly the same. My sister and I crack our usual jokes, commenting on the buildings (wow, they finally painted the post office; I wonder how many town meetings it took to … Continue reading

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Collective Wisdom

One thing I’ve noticed from investigating various faiths and teachings is something they all have in common – many pearls of wisdom. From Jesus, to Buddha, to George Fox and Bahá’u’lláh; these prophets/manifestations/spiritual teachers/insert-your-preferred-terminology-here all had some pretty wise things … Continue reading

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Pot Luck Religion

Friday night = Bahá’í Ruhi group Saturday night = Pentecostal Christian Conference Sunday morning = Quaker meeting Sunday night = Alternative Christian church service It was an interesting weekend. Sort of a faith pot luck. I didn’t plan it that … Continue reading

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Sin – The Bahá’í’ Perspective

The Sin Question has been occupying my thoughts quite a lot. I realised recently just how much of Christianity rests on this concept. For these reasons: The crux of Christianity is Sin – it is what separates us from God, … Continue reading

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